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    • Starbucks dumps “Coffee” and I think is likely to get burned
      Change can be good and many times change can be welcomed. Change is so powerful a concept that the word itself put Obama in the White House. But when it comes to branding, the best kind of change is usually no change at all. Sure, over the deca...
    • Patrons define the brand, and they’re integral to it
      Last week I blogged about targeting your brand to not only attract your most favorable market segments, but also discourage any unfavorable segments. Those are the folks your targeted customers and prospects would be uncomfortable being around. Bar ma...


Touchpoints are all the points of contact where brands interface and interact with customers. The quality of each and every touchpoint will drive customer actions, experiences, perceptions and relationships. Touchpoints are created every single time a customer is contacted on and off the internet, by a brand employee, by any communication, by the branding look and feel, by sales and service processes and by every executed marketing initiative. Touchpoints are opportunities to present brand image perceptions and to create resonance with customers. Brand touchpoint experiences impact the quality of customer perceptions. The touchpoints will sum up and build up the distinctive and overall customer experience. Every touchpoint needs to be identified, analyzed, measured and managed by a brand. It is important to integrate the format, the content and the timing aspects of all communication activities. Doing so creates efficient and consistent brand management of touchpoints. Brand touchpoint experiences will also go up when presented with consistency and maintain brand promises across all touchpoint interfaces. Touchpoints analysis is beneficial to brands because it allows brands to filter and measures all the relevant touchpoints from the customer perspective. Touchpoint development can be challenging when observed from the holistic 360 degree view. Touchpoint management is a strategic approach focused on optimizing marketing performance across all touchpoints.